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Katara Davis

Kat Davis
Kat DavisDirector of Product and Assortment TENA North America
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Hi I'm Kat! I'm a really quirky combination of a science nerd with a mind for business. I've been with the company for 9 years and recently started in a new role as a Director of Product and Assortment for TENA in North America. I'm based in the Philly office and I am a city girl at heart. Which means I love new experiences... Join me in my adventures at Essity.

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Nostalgia turns into a Spark In early 2017, I was struggling with a work problem and called up a former R&D colleague to get his support. He had knowledge in a field that I was researching for a claim. After that interaction, I longed for the days when we had a unified TENA®  R&D team […]

Essity’s main office in the US, is located in Philadelphia.   The city is filled with excitement over the Super Bowl Victory.           While I’m not an Eagles fan, shhh… don’t tell my co-workers. I think their victory speaks to the power of never giving up, even when you face tough competition. […]

  Essity has , had a long standing reputation of being a great place to work. We have now taken it to the next level! I had the great pleasure of being part of the Women of Essity (WE) kickoff event! Not only did it have amazing women and MEN from different areas of the […]

Hans Christian Andersen is one of my favorite authors. I had the opportunity on my latest business trip to see his house in Copenhagen, Denmark. Small white house all the way to the right located in the beautiful neighborhood of Nyhavn! Copenhagen is just a few short hours by train from our main office in […]

Hi I’m Kat! I’m a really quirky combination of a science nerd with a mind for business. I’ve been with the company for 9 years and recently embarked on a new role.  I’m based in the Philadelphia office and I’m a city girl at heart. Being part of a global teams means you are a nomad… […]

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